My Philosophy

Making music — at any level and any age — is one of life’s greatest joys. I believe if you have a desire to play piano, you can learn and experience the joy and wellness benefits of playing music.

I love playing the piano, communicating with people and researching new ideas. This dynamic trio forms the core of who I am as a teacher. My teaching is student-centered – my passion for understanding the whole person is used to create a unique road map for the student I am working with. I also believe students thrive in a calm, nurturing environment, so my job is to encourage and inspire each student to reach their individual dreams, while knowing when to step back to allow each student to find their individual voice.

Piano also has many benefits outside of music-making. While all students learn the language of music and acquire new skills in sight-reading, ear training, theory, technique and repertoire, piano studies help to develop and maintain critical thinking, and have been shown to improve cognitive development and spatial reasoning skills. Making and playing music is fun, relaxing, and increases self-confidence. At any stage of life or level of skill, playing the piano creates a healthier individual.

Currently I teach three wonderful programs, each geared for specific needs and age groups:

  • Group classes: Students experience an unparalleled foundation for musical studies and nurturing creativity.
  • Adult programs: I use the Recreational Music Making (RMM) philosophy. The basis of the RMM program is that adults can learn to play the piano without pressures of performances and practice requirements in a fun, stress-free group environment.
  • Private lessons: I create a curriculum that is tailored to fit the interests and learning style of the individual. Private lessons are also an excellent addition for advanced group students who want to explore technique, repertoire or composition in more depth.